Interior Designour services interior

Our team of specialized engineers and
interior designers work to create all the artistic and Aesthetic

aspects of the place in hand.Taking into consideration the available  spaces, light, and the desired furniture.

we put a primary designs and work  with  the  clients  till reaching to a mutual ground  that satisfy them.


      Hyper decoration is  proud  to provide  its  clients  with :


  1. Interior designing services for both  residential and  commercial building.
  2. Applying our / other people interior designs.
  3. Designing ground and wall coatings finishing & water – jet works.
  4. Putting a complete charts for electrical  items’ distribution and  installing them accordingly.
  5. Designing any related interior or exterior  metal works.
  6. Preparing explanatory drawings for cabinets, counters and other pieces of  furniture that show their fronts,  projections, and sketches that illustrate their dimensions.
  7. Installing the selected furniture and curtains & applying final paint coatings  and  wall papers.
  8. Putting an illustration maps  for air – conditioning vets, offices’ partitions, phone lines and  computer networks.